A Dystopian Universe: An analysis of “The Hunt” by Brad Stevens

Ever wanted the latest shoes, shirts, or jackets; what if you couldn’t wear any materials besides a uniform or else be punished? Those are the types of conditions that Mara lived through in a universe created by Brad Stevens when he wrote his book The Hunt. The Hunt is an entertaining, clear, and exciting story; the book creates a convincing “dystopian” universe which inflicts a lot of pain and suffering to everyone who lives in it.

The Hunt kept me entertained as I read the story. As every page ended I wanted to quickly move on to the next  to see what would happen to the characters. Stevens did a good job developing the plot . He carefully explained all aspects of the storyline in order to make the story clear to the reader and showed the emotions Mara faced once she got drafted to the hunt and the fear she encountered trying to survive the harsh treatments once she got captured. I kept reading because as the story progresses I wanted to see how Mara would attempt to survive. I was entertained by Mara’s determination to help other people in need of help during the hunt; and the terror Mara faced when she thought that at every moment she could have been captured.

I really felt that I shared a strong connection with the main character Mara. The reason is because I believe we both have our own techniques to relax and get away from the reality of the real world. As Mara said, "Reading and watching films were the only things I really liked doing" (Stevens 6). During the story, Mara often turned to reading books as a way to escape to universe she lived in. She wanted to take her mind off a world where women were being mistreated and tortured by the men of society. Just like Mara I also want to get away from the reality of the world because of all the stress I get from school, worrying about the future, and looking after my little siblings. However I don’t read books on my free time; instead I enjoy playing sports such as volleyball, basketball, and football. Every time I play those sports I find myself in Mara’s position where she get into her own little world focusing only on the book she is reading; as a result she happy and relaxed.

Throughout my life I obviously have never experienced a hunt a Mara, but I have encountered the feeling of just trying to survive the day like Mara. When Mara was taking part in the hunt she thought that she could have been captured at any waking moment. Thus, all she wanted to do was survive and move on to the next day. I feel much the same way when I have finals. During final my brain is bombed by millions of pieces of information needed for my exams. All I want to do is get the day over with as well as the finals so I can get back to my life.

During the story, there were effective unexpected twists that took place. When Mara finally got captured by a hunter there were plot twists that were surprising and effective.

The development of the plot did set up the story’s “dystopian” universe effectively. The exposition provided the key background information in order to describe what kind of universe the story took place in. The exposition illustrated the women living in a world where the men ar superior to the women in a society: “Turning around, she saw the woman on her knees, clutching her stomach, and the man standing over her with his fist clenched" (Stevens4).  When Mara was with her friend Catherine the encountered a man beating a women badly, but after the beating the women still wanted to stay with the man. This showed that in this “dystopian” universe even though women are horribly mistreated by man, some are convinced they need men in order to survive; thus effectively showing the superior role men hade over women in this universe. The reason why the universe created is plausible is because the superiority that man had over women during the story reflects discrimination occurring around the world in our reality. For example, throughout history there have been countless people discriminated against because of their skin color. This led to them being tortured by people who thought they were better. This “dystopian” universe was also effective because it showed me how lucky I am because I personally don’t have such as bad as a life that most people have. The Hunt reminded me to be grateful for the life I have.

What if you woke up into a world where you were hated on because of your heritage, race or even being male or female? The Hunt effectively puts you in this world, and in Mara’s shoes.

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