Run All Night Returns To Woodhaven, Richmond Hill and Maspeth For Additional Filming

Parking and traffic will be disrupted on Monday, October 20, once again by a movie shoot in Queens. The film Run All Night is set to return to Woodhaven, Richmond Hill and Maspeth for follow-up work on scenes that were originally shot late last year.

In a notice sent to Community Board 9, it was detailed that, among other locations, additional footage for the scene shot outside Mike's Pub on Jamaica Avenue at 80th would be done between 9am and 2pm Monday. Intermittent traffic control (ITC) would require street closures from Forest Parkway to 79th street, where parking would also be eliminated from Sunday night and for the duration of the shooting.

As the scenes involved were set during the Christmas season, the Abbey Pub signage that replaced the Mike's Pub sign will return and the area beneath the elevated J-train would be dressed to create the appearance holiday season.

Other areas to be affected by the shooting of Run All Night are in Richmond Hill and Maspeth.

In Richmond Hill filming will entail the use of a prop gun, operation of 14 movie cars, including five police cruisers and an emergency vehicle. All this will commence on Jamaica Avenue between Lefferts Boulevard and 121st Street and on 120th Street between Jamaica Avenue and where it dead ends. Both sides of both streets are affected with full street control for the duration of the filming.

In Maspeth, areas affected will include 56 Drive between 59 Street and 60 Street; 59 Place between 56 Road and 56 Drive; 59 Place between 56 Place and Maspeth Avenue; 56 Road between 59 Street and 60 STREET—in each case this involves parking both sides of the street and with full street control.

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