Brookvale Park: A Sanctuary in Our City

Brookville Park is treasure hidden in plain sight; concealed behind the thick gray smog of car exhaust, the bright neon colors of traffic lights, and the many nearby urban attractions  such as little corner bodegas and outlet shopping stores, this piece of paradise is all but unknown to the average New Yorker. Brookville Park is generally not gifted more than a brief glance by the average passerby with eyes too distracted to see what's really there, but for city residents who take a few seconds to become aware of their surroundings and are fortunate enough to spot the park it becomes something different; not just a hidden treasure but a secret sanctuary that makes the blaring noises and blinding colors of the city nothing but background static.

Upon entering the park, a whimsical ambiance immediately reveals itself; the dainty melody of birds chirping rides the gentle breeze circulating the air, carrying their charming tune throughout the entirety of the park with only the faint rustle of leaves as accompaniment. The massive trees springing from the emerald blanket beneath them hunch over slightly nearing the top, like a weary person rising from bed early in the morning, and the cluster of trees with vibrantly colored leaves hanging from their drooping branches create a magical little archway leading into the park.

Brilliant popslovelytreesamoore of burnt orange, crimson red, and darkened yellow emerge from the branches and decorate the concrete pathway trailing through the park, adding the perfect touch to the fantastical little world that the park is.  They create a crunching noise when stepped on, bringing forth delight in the children that stomp on them, easily recognizable through their warm laughter harmonizing perfectly with the sounds of nature.

Alongside the long, twisting pathway sprout the most beautiful almond blossom flowers, eye candy that adds another level of life and serenity to the park. Blossoming with a pale pink color, these flowers align themselves along the side of the pathway like toy soldiers, steady and unmoving with the exception of petals brushing against their neighbors in the breeze. They also offer a smell much different than the fresh scent of the air, instead carrying a faint floral scent enticing passerby, a smell that immediately relaxes the mind and makes any stroll down the pathway wholly soothing.

Further down the pathway and settled around a patch of grass are a couple wood-paneled benches, equip with curved black arm rests that loop down underneath the bench to hold the structure up and sturdy back rest; this area provides the ideal place to repose and relax the day away. From the comfort of the bench to the sight of the grassy patch in-front of them, decorated with pink flowers and the multi-colored leaves, the sight is more than it first appears.  The bench area is a communal living room couch, a place ideal for putting your feet up and resting from the weary day and simply allowing the body to relax and the mind towander to a place of serenity.

amoorelakeFinally, at the end of the pathway, resides a gorgeous lake stretching out for most of the park’s expanse. The clear blue water glimmers from the reflection of the sun from up above, creating tiny pools of sunlight dancing upon the ripples of the water, a sight not only beautiful enough to watch without thought but constant enough to enjoy for an extended period. Little crabs can be seen under the surface of the water, swimming around, popping their little heads up every once and a while, earning the playful laughter of onlooking children or the quizzical glances of  adults walking by, their activity nothing too intense to take away from the beauty of the lake itself. With clean, sparkling water, the little indigenous crabs, and lovely patches of shaved green grass surrounding it, Brookville Park’s lake is a place  tranquil enough to have anyone sitting by it fall into the same state as the lake itself, one of peace and serenity.

Brookville park is a place bordered by the noise of daily city life but once inside the noises of the city are all but forgotten. From its trees and flowers to the sitting area and the lake the park is a wondrous place for relaxing for the few who notice it. It's a sanctuary in the city.

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