A Simple Saxophone

We sit down together
And I take a deep breath
As I place my fingers on C.

I feel excitement and anticipation run
through my body
As I blow through the mouthpiece.
My fingers quickly switch to
D, F-natural, C, D, F-natural, and rapidly repeat.

As I play,
Colors form in my head;
Neon yellow, indigo, apple green
All stacking together.
Neon yellow fades away as indigo comes,
As apple green comes,
Indigo fades, too.
There’s quite a bit of color-
To a simple saxophone.

When I play,
My saxophone shows me the way
To colorful music,
In the band
It's one color:
By itself,
Its bright yellows
Combined with green and blue
To make an abstract painting.

This hard piece of metal
Makes such an elegant sound.
These little keys
Have such a significant importance
To the sounds of a saxophone.
Sounds that bring emotions
From happiness to sadness.

As I play my saxophone
He starts to talk to me.
He tells me
To play softer and to tongue.
I’m told to have him at my side
As we play
And listen to ourselves
As we play.

We near the end of the song
And a surge of excitement
Flies through us both.
We end the song
With a crescendo.
We bring music, emotions, and colors.


Noa is a middle school student, artist and writer

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