Inspiration Reading Gives Me

Reading inspires me.
It inspires me because when I read,
I get ideas from the story's characters.

Stories teach me life lessons
And gives advice I can use in every way of life.
I become more open minded of the world around me and the people in it.
Stories help me get through my day and keeps me standing tall.

When I read a book, it's as if I'm being flown off to another world.
The story's creativity splashes me in the face like rushing water.
Stories open gates to show me whole other worlds.
The amount of imagination in one story crashes against my mind
Like waves against rocks.

A book fills me with happiness
And shows me a road open to new ideas.
Reading is like telling myself that anything is possible
And everything is open to new ideas.

The world of reading shows me my own creativity
It opens my eyes to more imagination
And a better way of looking at life.
I become more confident and get better at truly understanding life.

Reading gets me motivated
For a new chapter in life.
Reading inspires me to do my very best
And shows me an even brighter sunrise every day.


Noa is a middle school student, artist and writer.

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