Meet Chuck Collins, Animator and Illustrator

Black Comic Book Festival 2015 2

Animator/Illustrator Chuck Collins

A freelance art teacher rarely gets a chance to watch her students grow and develop. So it's been an unexpected pleasure for me to reconnect with Chuck Collins, both online and at the recent Black Comic Book Festival at the Schomburg Center.

In the years since I worked with Chuck, who was already an accomplished artist at the age of 16, he spent time training at Defiant Comics, was a voice actor at [adult swim], and has become a published comic book artist.

Although he's familiar with the superhero genre, the heroes of Chuck's current webcomic, "Bounce!," are more concerned with preventing bar fights than saving the world from evil villains. Inspired by his time working as a bouncer at local dive bars, Chuck's characters spend their evenings checking IDs while discussing life, love and politics.

Collins_Chuck Bounce!



"Tri-Boro Tales" by Keith Miller and Chuck Collins

Be sure to like Bounce! on facebook or tumblr for weekly installments of the web comic and to see more of Chuck Collins' awesome work.






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