Dear Mayor de Blasio: Increase Funding to Increase Police Protection

Dear Mayor de Blasio:

The NYPD’s 102nd Precinct, which serves our area, is doing a great job addressing major issues with the manpower available to them. Violent crime is still down, historically speaking. The dedicated officers at the 102 go above and beyond the call of duty, often spending their own time to make our community safer.

However, I am concerned with the quality of life issues in our community, which may not get the headlines. Everyday issues that every person has to deal with: the local mugging and car break-ins, where people don’t lose much and don’t report the incident because that would only cost them more time and anguish; the blasting of music, not only in the late hours of the night but during the afternoon and even morning hours, where people can’t even enjoy their back and front yards and feel threatened by the remarks and looks when approaching noisy neighbors asking them to be considerate of their neighbors.

The increase in population density warrants a matching increase in police protection. Please give all of us a chance to feel safer and increase your budget for the police department which includes school safety and traffic enforcement, etc. Mayor de Blasio, as you can tell from the news, there is still dangerous speeding on our streets, not only by cars but unlicensed dirt bikes, motorcycles, etc. Additionally, some students with nothing else to do after school find trouble, sometimes intimidating older people with their behavior.

I urge you to provide additional funds to the police department’s in the budget, as we all know we need more police on our streets to enforce all of the laws equally in every area of the city.


James Coccovillo
Woodhaven, Queens
Member, Community Board 9

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