The Making of Middle Village Diaries Continued

B n D 1

We had a fantastic day of shooting on June 9th. We are honored to announce on Queens Free Press that pop culture icon Brian O’Halloran (star of Clerks 1& 2, Mallrats, Dogma, Chasing Amy), will be prominently featured in the film.

SteveAmongst the Middle Village locations we shot at yesterday were Juniper Valley Park, Middle Village Park, Steve’s Pizza Place on Eliot Ave, Metropolitan Ave and 74th St, and Dry Harbor Road, to name but  a few. As the principal photography is now almost fully completed, the journey that started almost four months ago is paying off with in what I feel will be a really great movie:  funny, sweet, sincere, and informative, tinged with nostalgia and filled with hope. I am extremely proud of it, and of my Middle Village pedigree!  So stay tuned: more to come.

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