Yes. You Can Go Home Again.

Premiering November 14th at the Cinemart Cinema in Queens.

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David Lee Madison, acclaimed horror film director, has been recording his trials and tribulations making his labor-of-love documentary Middle Village for the Queens Free Press, and his efforts have paid off with the debut of his film on Saturday, November 14th at the local independently-run movie theater the Cinemart, on Metropolitan Avenue.  Madison takes a loving look at his childhood hometown Middle Village, New York in a film that transcends a specific time and place and features interviews and vignettes from many notable Middle Villagers, including Ray Abruzzo and Tony Timpone as well as local teachers, business owners and lifelong residents.   Scheduled guests scheduled to be at the premiere include Clerks stars Brian O’Hallorhan and Scott Shiaffo, who both appears in Middle Village.

Middle Village memorabilia

Middle Village memorabilia


As Queens Free Press reported when production commenced,

For Madison, who currently lives in Pennsylvania with his family, Middle Village is special enough to warrant efforts to make a documentary on what it was like growing up there...  What makes his efforts worthwhile to Madison is both the prized memories specific to a Middle Village upbringing but also the universal truths of the 20th Century Queens, New York, and American lifestyle that are found in the stories of those who have lived there, with many of the families begun in Middle Village remaining there for generation after generation.

A Queens College CUNY graduate, Madison is already an established presence on the horror movie scene, having written and directed Mr. Hush, starring Fright Night’s Stephen Geoffreys,  available on dvd and Blu-ray from Kino Lorber.  He has also hosted an online radio show, “The End of the Night,” featuring interviews with several horror and cult celebrities, and produced and hosted two Pennsylvania-based “Mr. Hush: Weekend of Fear” horror-movie conventions.


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