Sweltering Heat Does Not Keep Assemblywoman Hyndman Indoors

Vejai Sahadeo/Queens Free Press

Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman and her Chief of Staff Andy Laine

Assemblywoman Alicia L. Hyndman of the 29 AD was seen with her Chief of Staff Andy Laine connecting with her constituents in Jamaica during Monday’s sweltering heat, taking time to visit one of her favorite spot while growing up: the Queens Public Library on Merrick Boulevard.

In November 2015 Hyndman was sworn in as a New York State Assemblywoman in Albany after a landslide election victory against her Republican opponent, Scherie Murray.

When asked what she was doing in the library she immediately answered laughing “why not?”

Hyndman is no stranger to the neighborhood. “Growing up in Jamaica, I frequented the public library because I love reading.”

“I still enjoy reading a hardcopy of a book. I like to feel the pages turn between my fingers. “I’m from old school, no e-reader for me,” she said smiling.

Her ties to this community have always been strong. Once a member of community boards 12 and 13 in Queens, she understands only too well the issues and concerns which have plagued her district for decades. Now she is a political representative in whom voters have placed their trust to bring more resources to the area, expose the problems and find solutions to the many issues residents face in their everyday living.

She took some time off her busy schedule to talk about her first term in Albany where she spent almost six months from January to June 2016.

When asked how she managed in her new role she graciously praised her staff.

“My [aides are] experienced and knowledgeable and made it manageable for me to get through my work,” she said.

As an elected official with a two year term she admitted there is much work to do but has started off well by getting much done in her first year in office.

With years of experience in different capacities as a proponent of education—a 10-year member of Community Education Council (CEC) 29, and its president for four, as well as holding many professional positions in education including at the NYS Department of Education—she is an ardent believer in learning.

“Education has always been my strength: It is a way to uplift the less fortunate,” she said.

She and other members of the NYS Assembly have teamed up with the Department of Labor on a bill to help juveniles who have had a brush with the law receive vocational skills and training in trade careers. This will give them marketable skills to find employment with decent wages upon release from incarceration. Overall it will benefit every young person who is affected by having a brush with the law.

She and other assembly members are working on a bill to improve infrastructure to stop the flooding of several Jamaica neighborhoods which have plagued residents for decades. She mentioned Governor Cuomo recently approved $100 million to help the distressed neighborhoods.

She also participated with 5 other assembly members in passing the Community Restoration Fund, which holds banks responsible for the upkeep of foreclosed properties to prevent neighborhoods from becoming derelict. Because when they do there is an increase crime, general loss of appeal and a decrease in the community’s property values

Another major area where she would like to see improvement is in the affordability of transportation, especially for commuters who have a Long Island railroad station in their neighborhood—the high cost of the ride keeps them from using the railroad. Instead they opt to use local buses and trains which costs time they could use otherwise.

Assemblywoman Hyndman certainly is working on fulfilling the goals of her campaign. The Queens Free Press wishes her much success in her term in office.

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