Press Release: Repeal the 8th-Carlow/Kilkenny Wants Your Empty Abortion Pill Packets

We are calling on all women who have taken the abortion pill to send us your empty packets.
Photo Credit: Women On Web

Photo Credit: Women On Web

We will be using these packets as part of a collage to highlight the fact that Irish law (specifically, the Eighth Amendment, which makes abortion illegal in the Republic of Ireland) is not preventing women from procuring abortions. The visual display of these packets serves as direct evidence that these services are needed, and women are willing to break the law to get bodily autonomy.
The law does not stop abortions, it just stops them from being safe. Please send us your packets and force people to confront the hypocrisy of this law.
Editor's Note: Repeal the 8th -Carlow/Kilkenny can be reached via Facebook or Twitter.

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