Donald Trump Stuns The World With His Victory Over Hillary Clinton

New York, NY — Crowds gathered in Times Square to view the results of the election between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump were noticeably solemn in a place known for its fast-paced and loud atmosphere. In the distance the cheers of Donald Trump's supporters could be heard every time he won a state and gained in electoral votes. Supporters of Clinton, however, were shocked and some were openly weeping. After many months of campaigning and having the support of the Democratic establishment the first female to secure the nomination of any of major party, former First Lady, former US Senator for New York, former Secretary of State, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton lost to real estate mogul and reality show personality Republican Donald J. Trump.

When it comes down to the blame game, many of the punditry and members of Hillary's inner circle are quick to point fingers to the usual suspects: the third parties. What they don't realize is because they do not see beyond Washington D.C. they don't realize that the country hurting. The country's  growing wealth inequality, horrendous trade deals that ship American jobs overseas and the disconnect between Washington D.C. politicians and the constituents who elected them.

Is that something that would validate a Trump presidency? No. Nothing could validate the hatred and vile things he has said about minorities, women and gays. The fatal flaw here is that yes, we were right to critique and even lambast him for the insensitive things he has said. But the Democrats had a chance with Bernie Sanders to win this election in a landslide. Polling done by RealClearPolitics accurately shows that Bernie -had he made it to the general election- could have beaten Trump.  The media apparatus profited from the ratings that Trump brought in, and in my view was complicit in boosting Trump. CBS CEO Les Moonves said "It may not be good for America, but it's damn good for CBS."

This was the Democrats' election to lose and lose it they did.

What they did not do which would have won them the election was harness the progressive wing of the party but instead purged them from the voter rolls in Brooklyn during the primary, locked them out of the convention hall in July and created the "Bernie bro" narrative among many others, to smear his supporters and shame them into voting for Hillary (or as Gloria Steinem put it "Young women go to Sanders rallies to meet boys") If that wasn't enough former Secretary of State Madeline Albright said "theres a special place in hell for women who don't support other women." The dialogues adopted by the Clinton surrogates to make the case for Hillary alienated more people then it did to convince people to vote for her. They talked down to millennials and took the minority vote for granted.

They wanted us to vote AGAINST and not FOR someone. Hillary Clinton who would have been our first female president, did very little to bring us to her side but instead called millennials 'basement dwellers' and shied away from talking about policy. She still got the millennial vote in the General Election thanks to Bernie Sanders with whom the group was most popular with but that wasn't enough to keep her safe. Media collusion with the Clinton machine did not help her, but only increased her negative ratings. Some political commentators like Joy Ann Reid peddled conspiracy theories about Russia seeking to influence the American election via Wikileaks (which is untrue). Interim chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile prior to Debbie Wasserman Shultz's resignation worked at CNN and leaked questions that would be asked to the candidates in advance. Instead of apologizing for their comments on reaching out to 'needy latinos' they skirted around the topic.

Not addressing controversial remarks will signal to the public that you are okay with the language being used in communications for a major party candidate and blaming Russia for what you say in your emails doesn't absolve you of your comments. They either knew this or chose to ignore it.


Navjot Kaur / Queens Free Press

Crowds in Times Square are solemn as the results come in.

Going forward, the progressive wing of the Democratic party is urging its members to mobilize against President Trump and the draconian laws that Republicans will seek to push through Congress. Among the top priorities are blocking TPP from being passed through the lame duck session, fighting for affordable healthcare, protecting reproductive rights and working to combat accelerating climate change. When reached for comment Christian Bowe who is closely affiliated with Democratic Socialists of America, says upwards of 400+ new members have joined and their membership continues to grow beyond that as more and more people look for ways to counter the Trump presidency.


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