A Winter Morning in the City

Hot Coffee—in one hand—my face in the other; shit it’s another Monday (Motherfucker!).

Warm Winter-day: too hot for a jacket, too cold for my hoodie.

Mild Annoyance.

Cool-head, cool-head, time to go to work!

Cold Commuters, (fuck you), grunting and screaming, (I got shit to do too)!

Freezing stop-lights, but, why, no, why, I’m late—I’m late: "screw the mayor, maaan!"


Freezing human traffic, bumping and moving, so many women and men feeling on me!

Hot Bra-less women as I walk up the crossroads of the world—(not bad, not bad)!

Mildly drunk characters trying to hug me; did I take acid? Why do I see a print of a cowboy’s dick?

Cool performers, though, who’s gonna lie? I bet they get

Warm affection, money too, from the tourists, probably...

Cold rejection, REAL NEW YORKER’s offer; OK, OK, maybe, not really, who has not been conned in con-city?


Cold New Yorkers, here and there, that did not know, what the fuck to wear.

“Cool, police patrol” is what you should think unless you want a ticket for something as little as a blink.

Freezing homeless, how sad, I feel bad; yes, I would like my morning with a side of guilt, please?

Hot halal, hot dogs, hot peanuts, hot pretzels, hot food—(I’m in love, God Damn It), food, food!

Warmth is going away, here comes the bickering cold, was it spring or is it winter? I don’t know…

Mild salvation preaching— “Accept Jesus, Free Ticket to Heaven”— (What about the Jews)?


Mildly awake: caffeine is wearing off.

Cold, cold, cold, I should have been there by now! Fuck these

Freezing train delays.

Cool another “Showtime, Showtime,” (not)! Not, in the morning, when I want to enjoy my

Hot steamy bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich!

A Warm train ain’t shit, if it’s a late train.


Warm cuddling couples (must be nice…) while others show

Mild interest in anything that is not a cell-phone.

Freezing hands held together, why don’t they let go?

Cool, wow, a sweater wearing dog!

Cold response to the tourists that ask for directions: “Go up the street and fuck yourself.”

Hot tempers protesting (should I join in?)


Hot hit Broadway shows (should I go in?)

Mild bumping, as I trail, across the crossroads of the world.

Freezing skaters, down two-blocks. Where?  Bryant Park!

Cool wind, cool breeze, soon enough, my nose will freeze!

Cold. Shit Man, it’s too God damn brick to breath!

My Warm building, like other buildings, shelter those pesky city rats—now, I go in and, do, what must be done.


What a day: a cold morning followed by a mild spring afternoon.

a cool evening followed by a hot coffee!

What freezing awe—(I FUCKIN’ LOVE IT)—my warm, cold, shitty, but gotta-love-it city!

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