A Buffet of History: My Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Tonight's specials will consist of an extraordinary assembly of delicate historical experiences proffered upon my visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Waltzing gently, accompanied by Bach and Schubert, I wandered through restored artifacts retrieved from ancient Egypt, prestigious statues from Ancient Rome, French luxurious living spaces, and heavily detailed Faberge eggs which not even the Gods could describe the essential beauty of.

By being completely present and truly absorbing the history this endless majestic palace has collected, I could not resist the sensation of exploring different emotional stances, nor could I ever truly describe the poetic beauty, historical majesty, and complexity that mankind has created and the museum contains.

Presenting our appetizer: ancient Egypt. If I listen carefully, I can almost hear the tormented souls of slaves sacrificing themselves, brick by brick, in the purpose of creating one of the world's seven wonders. As I go deeper into this museum's caves of mystery, I hear an enchanting as well as terrifying whisper of decayed pharaohs who were once considered as almighty Gods; worshiped, appraised immortals that ruled in terror and dictatorship, demanding totalitarianism. When I stood inches away, facing an artifact that resembles and old queen dated 3000 BC, I couldn't quite avoid the gripping power of submission. Hieroglyphs, painting on the first canvases of the modern alphabet we know so well today, jewelry embroidered and dipped in turquoise perfection (reserved for the almighty and powerful only), and golden-covered faces of pharaohs staring with a demand of obedience - delicious history.

“We would like to order historical Europe, does it come with France and Rome?” - it certainly does. Hear the perfect stillness of a reserved french living room in which aristocratic noblemen would dine and drink to victorious political campaigns while hungry voices of poverty echoed through the streets of  Paris. French revolutionaries waving their flags, and through united symphonic melodies from a crowded audience, together screaming the powerful words “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” (”Liberty, equality, fraternity”).

From conservative France, to the era of roman emperors such as Caligula, driven by severe mental disorder, torturing his poor citizens. Do you smell that? That is the smell of gladiators' bloodshed in the grand coliseums, being skinned alive by starving tigers, ripped and abandoned, slowly closing their eyes with a last glance at tormenting Emperors laughing and enjoying their feast and expensive wines. An image of crawling discomfort, imagining a child watching her mothers and father being raped in public, beheaded, gorged, decapitated, left alone to die in the heat of  an indifferent sun.

“I hope you are not full just yet, we still have our chef ’s special dessert to grant you, faithful reader” - Faberge eggs. Royalty and greed can turn anyone into a madman, yet at some points in history, sparing someone's head was considered righteous and merciful, and other kings expressed their love through delicate and luxurious jewelry. Faberge eggs, detailed embroidered in fiery ruby stones, glimmer emeralds, and moon-sparkling diamonds where given as a symbol of love from the Russian Tsar. Watch how the extraordinary aligned luxury-stones follow your eyes, whispering “love” gently in your ears. These fabulous eggs were destined to be nursed by true royalty. If the powerful word “love” could be objectified in a single object, these Faberge eggs would be wonderful candidates.

I hope you feel as overwhelmed and satisfied as I did walking through the prestigious and majestic museum. Contrasting  discomforted fear, submission, and terrorized agonies of Egyptian totalitarianism, godly and unfair treatment of mentally delusional emperors captivating and executing innocent souls, French utopias and revolutionaries wishing in unison for freedom and independence, and sparkling precious jewelry describing the material symbolism of complex emotional enticements such as love, devotion, and loyalty has been a wonderful feast. These historical mementos are just a drop in the endless ocean of mankind's past, swaying in waves from absolute harmony to thundered hopelessness. I truly wish that your visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art will be as delicate, nutritious, and fulfilling as mine.

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