NYPIRG Offers Free Small Claims Court Assistance

Have you ever been taken advantage of or fallen victim to a landlord or business?

Were you unable to set the record straight?

In that case, the New York Public Interest Research Group’s Small Claims Court Action Center can guide you through the process! Our volunteer counselors will help you recover up to $5,000 through the “people’s court.” We can provide you, or someone you may know with case counseling and assistance throughout the small claims court process.

Standing up to a business owner or landlord in court may seem like a difficult task, but NYPIRG is here to provide you with the necessary assistance to make the process pain-free for free. Our services are all provided by volunteer student that have been trained in navigating the small claims court, this eliminates the extra stress of paying for an attorney.

If you know that you’ve been wronged, we are committed in helping you fight for justice. Unjust things happen every day at the expense of vulnerable people that lack the knowledge of the court system. If you feel that you are one of the thousands of people being taken advantage daily, don’t hesitate to call us at (718)-279-3068. We will help file your claim, prepare your case, and bring justice.

Edward Guevara
New York Public Interest Research Group
Queensborough Community College

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