Bodies As Battlegrounds: Debating The Pros And Cons Of The Decriminalization Of Sex Work

In August, 2015, Amnesty International voted in favor of a policy that calls for the full decriminalization of consensual sex work. Definitions of sex work will vary. This author uses the term to refer “…to the consensual exchange of sexual services between adults for money or goods"...The Amnesty vote was supposed to make it possible for proposals to be drafted to rewrite legislation in countries which criminalize the consensual sale and purchase of sex. Sex work is already partially decriminalized in the United Kingdom and Canada...Now many sex workers in the United States are wondering when they’ll get their chance to be heard, and see sex work decriminalized here.

A Letter From A Concerned LIU Post Alum

Without the minimal funding required to keep it in hard-copy print, and without encouragement to report the full range and depth of campus opinion, the Pioneer, if it survives, will be turned into a paper without a purpose in order to turn Post into a campus without an identity.

SOCCER SALAM Delivers Smiles And Soccer Balls To Iraqi Children

According to statistics provided by UNICEF, approximately 4.7 million children in Iraq required some form of humanitarian assistance in the first half of 2016. Soccer Salam attempts to stand in that gap—delivering food, water, medicine, and blankets to “Iraq’s most vulnerable communities.”They also deliver something else that can’t be boxed or put in a bag: smiles.

Where Acting Meets Activism

“Theatre allows us to converse with our souls—to passionately pursue and discover ways of living with ourselves and others,” writes New York University theatre professor, Philip Taylor. For Northern Ireland's DAMD Theatre Company, this is more than just a saying, and more than just a theory. It is a driving force behind all they do when they take to the stage.

Irish women heading home for Christmas urged to check in for choice by the London–Irish Abortion Rights Campaign

This year, the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign is challenging the governments of both regions to not only bear witness to the homecoming, but recognise the thousands of women they force to travel the other way; often alone, facing stigma, and knowing that legally their lives and personal choices are not valued...The #choice4xmas campaign will run from December 16th. We’re asking ex-pats to check-in on social media at airports and ferry ports, with the suggested text: "Travelling home to Ireland & thinking of the 11 women a day who travel to Britain for an abortion #choice4xmas #repealthe8th #Extend1967Act".

Anti-Trump Rally Takes Place In New York City

Yesterday marked the fifth day of the anti-Trump protests that have been taking place all across the country. People have been gathering to protest everything from Trump's views on women, to his views on LGBT rights. Willie Hiatt was at one such protest which took place in New York City on November 12th.

“Breaking Free”: Rally For Repeal Takes Place In Kilkenny, Ireland

The Anti-Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit (AAA/PBP) will be bringing a bill to Dail Eireann on the 25th of October, seeking a referendum on the 8th amendment of the Irish Constitution, which makes abortion illegal. With two thirds of the population now saying they want to repeal the 8th we are calling on our elected TDs to support democracy. The bill will be formally voted on on the 27th of October.