A Letter From A Concerned LIU Post Alum

Without the minimal funding required to keep it in hard-copy print, and without encouragement to report the full range and depth of campus opinion, the Pioneer, if it survives, will be turned into a paper without a purpose in order to turn Post into a campus without an identity.

Where Acting Meets Activism

“Theatre allows us to converse with our souls—to passionately pursue and discover ways of living with ourselves and others,” writes New York University theatre professor, Philip Taylor. For Northern Ireland's DAMD Theatre Company, this is more than just a saying, and more than just a theory. It is a driving force behind all they do when they take to the stage.

Martin Luther King press conference

What Would King Do?

With Dr. Martin Luther King jr’s birthday approaching on January 15th and black history month following soon after, I find it appropriate to set my mind on Dr. King's life's work and philosophies. I admonish you to do the same. WHAT WOULD KING DO. Mimicking the Christian catch phrase "What Would Jesus Do," I often wonder how Dr. King would approach today's societal challenges.

Irish women heading home for Christmas urged to check in for choice by the London–Irish Abortion Rights Campaign

This year, the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign is challenging the governments of both regions to not only bear witness to the homecoming, but recognise the thousands of women they force to travel the other way; often alone, facing stigma, and knowing that legally their lives and personal choices are not valued...The #choice4xmas campaign will run from December 16th. We’re asking ex-pats to check-in on social media at airports and ferry ports, with the suggested text: "Travelling home to Ireland & thinking of the 11 women a day who travel to Britain for an abortion #choice4xmas #repealthe8th #Extend1967Act".

Drowning in Zika: The Puddle Problem in Elmhurst

With all of the warnings about Zika virus, and helpful tips on how to prevent the spread of this virus, it is completely unacceptable to have the puddles of stagnant warm water (ample habitats for mosquito eggs to live and hatch) constantly around Elmhurst.

The Foul Smell of Contempt: Whitestone’s lack of Sanitation

Picture your perfect, family-based neighborhood, filled with barbecues, children playing, and people jogging. Most people would first think of bright colors and clean, spotless streets, certainly not garbage-covered sidewalks with a side-order of doggy “presents” left behind by uncaring pet owners. Unfortunately this is what my childhood neighborhood has come to. The cause of this growing epidemic is mostly blamed on younger generations, including those who move in lacking a connection to a community's history. At one level, we see this with the controversial issue of "gentrification," where people "improve" neighborhoods to their liking without considering what came before. Over time generations get more and more careless, slowly losing respect for the environment and organisms living in it.

Gunshots or Fireworks?: Crime in Pomonok, Queens

I live only blocks away from the Pomonok Houses, or the Pomonok "Projects," in Queens, in the more private, safe community known as Elechester, and the difference between the two neighborhoods, which are so close together in the larger neighborhood also known as Pomonok, is striking.