A rack of chrome rims at Willets Point Queens, with Citi Field in the background.

The Iron Triangle: A Gift of a Voice

The eyes of the audience at its world premiere in the West Village were glued to the screen. The Iron Triangle (2017) managed to not only hold the attention of the audience but also to rouse applause and cheers only halfway through the film, an unusual time for ovation. After the film was over, the filmmakers received a handful of questions from their inquisitive viewers, but not all questions were given answers because the abundance of interesting inquiries surpassed the amount of time available. This is a testament to the success and timely arrival of this new documentary, which strives to do perhaps the noblest undertaking in documentary filmmaking: give a voice to those who don’t have one.

The Iron Triangle is a story about a group of working class people battling against bureaucrats who seek to gentrify their valued locale. The cameras of directors Prudence Katz and William Lehman follow the hard workers of immigrant-run auto repair shops in Willets Point, Queens, an unglamorous area in New York City known as the “Iron Triangle.” Sitting at the base of Citi Field, the area is known for its inexpensive yet quality auto repair shops services.

Cory Doctorow: Essential Readings on Content and Copyright

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Rainbow Cultural Diversity Summer Program is the very first Summer program for Afghan school students. It was organized by five Afghan college students who have experienced such programs abroad, and was hosted by Cultural House of Afghanistan for five days.