A Winter Morning in the City

Hot Coffee—in one hand—my face in the other; shit it’s another Monday (Motherfucker!). Warm Winter-day: too hot for a jacket, too cold for my hoodie. Mild Annoyance. Cool-head, cool-head, time to go to work! Cold Commuters, (fuck you), grunting and screaming, (I got shit to do too)!

Muslim in America

On a windy fall afternoon, the members of Muslim Student Association (MSA), at Queensborough Community College met for their weekly meeting. Fatima Faisal, 20, the MSA president shared her story of the struggles she faced while being Muslim in America.

A Letter From A Concerned LIU Post Alum

Without the minimal funding required to keep it in hard-copy print, and without encouragement to report the full range and depth of campus opinion, the Pioneer, if it survives, will be turned into a paper without a purpose in order to turn Post into a campus without an identity.

SOCCER SALAM Delivers Smiles And Soccer Balls To Iraqi Children

According to statistics provided by UNICEF, approximately 4.7 million children in Iraq required some form of humanitarian assistance in the first half of 2016. Soccer Salam attempts to stand in that gap—delivering food, water, medicine, and blankets to “Iraq’s most vulnerable communities.”They also deliver something else that can’t be boxed or put in a bag: smiles.