Ron McGuire

Students Beat CUNY in Court. Now CUNY-educated Judge Punishes their Attorney

New York City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez is one of 154 City University of New York alumni, faculty and community members calling on the federal appeals court in New York City to convene a rare special session of all thirteen judges to reverse a court order that devastated an elderly lawyer who represented Rodriguez and hundreds of other CUNY students.

Ron McGuire, Esq. is a 67-year-old attorney who represented Rodriguez decades ago, when the progressive City Council member from upper Manhattan was a City College student and community organizer. McGuire, who says he represented low income students for free "as a matter of principle," now is distraught and penniless, due to the unusual actions of a federal judge that some of McGuire's clients call "vindictive" and "chilling."

Students fight back

The spirit of resistance found at Cooper Union can be found at schools all over New York City. Everywhere, college students are rising up and fighting back against rising tuition, inept administrators, and the militarization of their campuses.