The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Do you know what a penpal is? Remember the term 'penpal'? Years ago in a New York City public school, my 4th grade teacher had our class exchange panpal letters with another local school. In high school my French teacher had our class write to French students in France. We even had to write in French and our penal had to answer in English.

New Library Hours: What Are People Saying

On November 18, during a session of the Community Reporting Workshop, Nicole Defeno and the Roving Reporter set out to interview library users about the new added weekend hours.

Dolls at the Maria Rose International Doll Museum and Cultural Center

Dolls Dolls Everywhere

In a nondescript house lies a preservation of hundreds of dolls from the seven continents accumulated over a period of forty years. This place is the Maria Rose International Doll House named after Saint Maria. The dolls are beautiful and only an avid collector would have such a variety of dolls, each representative of a particular culture.

Shoppers selecting 'sacred threads' infront of Shakti Saree and Spiritual Store

Sisters Celebrate Raksha Bhandan, Knot of Protection

Last Saturday passersby would have noticed a flurry of activities along the sidewalk and the sound of music dedicated to brothers in front of Skakti Saree and Spiritual store at 124-15 Liberty Avenue as women shopped for the right design of ‘Rakhi’ at Shakti’s store which carries the largest selection of the ‘sacred threads.’

Eat To Live Or Live To Eat

Three friends met for lunch. One observes another drinking water between bites of her sandwich. This person got full at once. One friend remarked about the one who got full first, "She eats to live we live to eat." Does a person eat by the time clock?