A New Identity

 Adapting into a different culture and religion can be challenging for many. For Shabab Hossain, 19, of Jamaica, Queens N.Y. becoming Muslim has helped him positively and move away from things that impacted him negatively. However, it has brought many struggles.  Although Hossain’s family was always Muslim, he never fully understood why they had to go to the Mosque and practice the religion. It was until he educated himself where everything started making sense to him and he understood the values and morals that came with being Muslim.

Chinatown Trash Wars: New York City’s Sanitation Epidemic

If you’ve ever visited the Chinatown neighborhoods of New York, you would know that their streets are no joke. The questionable stains on the concrete as well as the pungent aroma of rotting fish are truly an unpleasant welcome upon entry. Last night’s trash occupies the edge of the sidewalk. An unknown liquid substance leaks (and reeks) from the garbage onto the city streets and has become a staple of New York’s Chinatowns. Something as simple as keeping the city clean should not be such a prevalent issue in our society.

Not Wanted or Needed: Drug Dilemma in College Point

College Point, Queens is a quiet residential neighborhood filled with working class families. That’s why it’s tragic to report there is an epidemic of people constantly buying selling and smoking illegal substances in public parks, near local schools, and in front of and even on private property.

Is it Here Yet? A Significant Problem in Bayside, New York

The Q30 bus by Queensborough Community College provides by far the worst bus service in New York City. A large amount of Queens students take this bus to get to work or school. After a while, students are forced to take different buses, or even choose illegal "gypsy" cabs. It is time to make a change, someway, somehow. The most aggravating problem with the Q30 bus is that it is very, very slow. The many students from Queensborough Community College who utilize it are just fed up with its service.