A Winter Morning in the City

Hot Coffee—in one hand—my face in the other; shit it’s another Monday (Motherfucker!). Warm Winter-day: too hot for a jacket, too cold for my hoodie. Mild Annoyance. Cool-head, cool-head, time to go to work! Cold Commuters, (fuck you), grunting and screaming, (I got shit to do too)!

Death in the School-Room (a Fact)

“No impudence!” exclaim’d the teacher, passionately, as he grasp’d a long and heavy ratan: “give me none of your sharp speeches, or I’ll thrash you till you beg like a dog.”

Inspiration Reading Gives Me

Reading inspires me. It inspires me because when I read,
I get ideas from the story's characters. Stories teach me life lessons
And gives advice I can use in every way of life. I become more open minded of the world around me and the people in it. Stories help me get through my day and keeps me standing tall.

A Dystopian Universe: An analysis of “The Hunt” by Brad Stevens

ver wanted the latest shoes, shirts, or jackets; what if you couldn’t wear any materials besides a uniform or else be punished? Those are the types of conditions that Mara lived through in a universe created by Brad Stevens when he wrote his book The Hunt. The Hunt is an entertaining, clear, and exciting story; the book creates a convincing “dystopian” universe which inflicts a lot of pain and suffering to everyone who lives in it.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: A Review of Brad Stevens’ “The Hunt”

The Hunt is definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing being that it starts off comparatively boring and then when you least expect it, becomes one hell of a page turner. One should never give up on a book because you may find to like or relate to a particular character such as The Hunt’s protagonist, ,Mara Gorki. The beauty about fiction is that you never truly know what is going to happen. When you first start reading The Hunt you are introduced to Mara, a successful crime novelist who is on her way to take part in an interview with journalist, Catherine Dardenbar in a bar near her home. The reason this comes off as boring is it served no purpose.