Catching up with the locals

The biggest underreported story in Queens media news of the last few weeks is sale of the Times Newsweekly/Ridgewood Times to Schneps Communications.

Catching up with the locals—Oceans of Blue

I picked-up the weeklies with some amount of anticipation last week. Returning from a holiday and almost a week since the funeral for murdered police officer Rafael Ramos was held in Glendale, I was eager to read local coverage of one of the most pressing issues of our time. The South Queens version of the Queens Courier, published as the Courier-Sun, did not disappoint, with a cover image of Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder posing with three blue-ribbon-hanging community members for a page three story about their campaign in support of the NYPD. Also on page three was Salvatore Licata's story about the funeral for PO Ramos. Licata describes Vice President Biden's eulogy as "stirring" and he provides a memorable quotation from the speech:

“It is only when a tragedy like this occurs when all of their friends, neighbors and people who didn’t even know them become aware of and reminded of the sacrifices they make every single, solitary day to make our lives better,” Biden said.

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