Muslim in America

On a windy fall afternoon, the members of Muslim Student Association (MSA), at Queensborough Community College met for their weekly meeting. Fatima Faisal, 20, the MSA president shared her story of the struggles she faced while being Muslim in America.

Ermis Pantelatos

An Interview with Ermis Pantelatos

Professor Aránzazu Borrachero talks with Ermis Pantelatos, president of the International Student Club at Queensborough Community College.

Ermis, informed by his experience as a lieutenant in the Greek army, speaks broadly and deeply about the crisis in Greece, the future of Europe, his view of social justice, and his hopes for America, especially American students.

Students fight back

The spirit of resistance found at Cooper Union can be found at schools all over New York City. Everywhere, college students are rising up and fighting back against rising tuition, inept administrators, and the militarization of their campuses.

Class Matters

It was the mid-eighties. The Department of Education was frantically hiring bilingual teachers in response to the increasing number of Spanish speaking students enrolling in the public schools of New York City. I was one of those new hires.